www.paramotor.fi Photo: Arto Halttunen (www.paramotor.fi)

Lake Päijänne LTER

Lake Päijänne LTER is a part of FinLTSER , the integrated network of multi-functional long-term ecosystem research platforms in Finland. Finland is one of the countries that are working together to create a European network of ecosystem research platforms, to provide an integrated system for detecting and understanding environmental change at a range of scales. Long-term Ecosystem Research (LTER) is an essential component in efforts to better understand how ecosystems function and respond to environmental change. The key feature of LTER is its long-term approach. In terms of monitoring this means building up long time-series datasets by collecting data at regular intervals, using consistent methods.

Operation on´f the monitoring station ended in 2020.

Lake Jyväsjärvi monitoring station measures at the deepest point of the lake.

Lake Konnevesi monitoring station measures at Näreselkä basin during open water season.

Web cam image from Lake Jyväsjärvi Lake Jyväsjärvi Now